AnkerBox launches charging-as-a-service

Screens, cameras, and connectivity on our smartphones is getting better and better (yay!), but battery tech is lagging behind (boo!). As a heavy user of your smartphone, you’ll know that dreaded feeling of your battery marching relentlessly from healthy life, via threatened and endangered, towards extinction.

The most common solution to the problem is to carry a charger or an USB battery pack, but both have downsides: You’ve got to remember to charge the battery pack, and power plugs are often few and far between. AnkerBox is a charger-as-a-service solution that is hoping to put an end to all that.

AnkerBox in action

AnkerBox in action

To use AnkerBox, a user downloads the app (available for iOS and Android), and can use the app to rent or return the chargers, much in the same way that you can…

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