Cleanshelf teams up with Squrb to clean your SaaS clock

Cleanshelf wants to get you off the hard stuff. Now run by Slovenian CEO Dusan Omercevic, the app watches and manages your SaaS subscriptions, ensuring you’re not paying for stuff you’re not using and helping you find stuff that you might need. While this might not sound great for companies whose business model is forcing users to pay monthly and then hoping they forgot the signed up, it is a good thing for small businesses.

Cleanshelf just acquired Squrb, a competing service created by Omercevic, and made him CEO. This gives them further inroads into the lucrative unsubscription market.

“Cleanshelf and Squrb together have data about actual SaaS usage from more than 50 top startups. In comparison, Gartner has just self-reported data which is outdated by a few years,” said…

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