HEX 4-in-1 case for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro: Folio, wallet, case alone modes are up to you

Owners of an iPhone XS: Is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro?
Apple just announced the first iPhone with a Pro name. But is it really that much better than the iPhone XS?

Over the past decade I have tested plenty of folio cases for my smartphones, but after a couple of weeks of use I end up setting them aside. Unlike all the people I see using these types of cases daily, the folio form factor doesn’t work for me all of the time and thus can’t be my primary case for the long term.

The folks at HEX recently sent along the 4-in-1 case in black leather for me to test with my iPhone 11 Pro and it may indeed be the perfect case for me as it gives…

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