How to eliminate passwords? It can't be done


Do you follow best practices for passwords on all your accounts? If you say yes, you’re either lying, mistaken or using a password manager. It’s impossible for human beings to follow best practices. Some of the key practices for passwords are:

  • They should be long (maybe 10 characters or more)
  • They should be complex, i.e. no dictionary words, even embedded, and a mixture of letters, numerals and, if allowed, punctuation
  • Do not reuse one password for a different site
  • Change passwords periodically

There, I’m sure I’ve missed some, but that’s hard enough. Here are five long, complex passwords. Could you remember them? 4gaETMUpqO74 R4665qAtWnYN 3gMZq99YYOck CeRvsII90CZ7 DIQj5gGpx25r

I use a password manager, which I used to…

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