SpotCam connects you to your home, outside and in

When it comes to home surveillance cams there are two kinds of cams – low-end, highly-motorized, wireless IP cams that are (typically) fairly insecure and higher-end cloud service systems like Dropcam that offer secure but more expensive cameras. SpotCam seems to land squarely in the middle with their SpotCam Sense Pro line.

I tested two models and found them more than acceptable for home use. The indoor model records 24 hours of video that is available, for free, via the app. It’s also senses temperature and barometric pressure and you can even set it up to sound an alarm if it senses motion at a preset time. The app itself, while not at the cutting edge of aesthetic design, is serviceable at the very least.

The $188.99 outdoor model is a little more interesting. This model is…

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