Tuft & Needle exposed thousands of customer shipping labels

Mattress and bedding giant Tuft & Needle left hundreds of thousands of FedEx shipping labels containing customer names, addresses, and phone numbers on an unprotected cloud server.

More than 236,400 shipping labels were found on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage bucket without a password, allowing anyone who knew the easy-to-guess web address access to the customer data. Often, these AWS storage buckets are misconfigured by the owner by being set to “public” and not “private.”

The exposed labels were created between 2014 and 2017 during the company’s early years. Tuft & Needle was founded in 2012 in Arizona. But some labels were printed as recently as 2018.

It’s not known for how long the storage bucket was left open.

Two customer shipping labels of the hundreds of…

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